Sunday, May 31, 2015


Dear All,
Memorial day.
We killed our pet.
Now you're caught up. 
So this morning, we got up, said prayers, and my companion went to go finish passing numbers to the Zone Leaders, and I come stumbling into the kitchen half asleep, and then my compaion starts yelling at me. That woke me up fast. He told me to go look what was sitting on his blanket. I was thinking like a cockroach or a spider or something like that. But then I looked. And this is what I saw:

​(Dont worry that isnt the blanket he sleeps with)
He told me he had seen it when he got up to go to the bathroom, but he thought he was dreaming, but when he had passed by again he realized it was what he thought it was. A very dead mouse. RIP Mátelo.
So that's how I started this week. And this last week was all right too. We had exchanges 3 different times. So that was cool. On Monday the Zone Leaders came here with me to Robledo, and that was fun even though it only lasted like 2 hours. Then on Tuesday night another Elder came here and on Wednesday we went to his area cause our companions were in Tijuana. And the on Friday we went with the Zone Leaders again. It was nuts. But super fun. Except for Wednesday cause I was on bike and I hate bikes.
But yeah we had some interesting experiences. Lots of people jsut straight up rejected us. Which is something that hasn't happened a whole lot since I've been here. Also several people who we had been teaching and who even had baptismal dates just straight up disappeared. Like they don't exist anymore. Which kinda creeps me out a little bit. But whatever. The work moves forward. We keep finding people, we keep getting better, and this ward keeps growing.
It's actually kind of cool how that works. I've noticed that the attitude of the missionaries influences a ton how the ward works. For example, Universidad and Robledo are two areas notorious for being difficult. Members who aren't involved in Missionary work, hard hearted people, things like that. And yet, when we just put our shoulder to the wheel, the whole place changes. For example. This Sunday, we had three less active families that came to church. And we didn't even visit them. They just said they felt the need to be there. The more we work, the more the Spirit is in this area. And those people who have recieved the promise of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost are more perceptive to its whisperings. That's where the desire to come back into the fold takes place.
But the coolest thing of this week. We had lunch with this awesome dude on Sunday. He's an English teacher so guess what we spoke the whole time. And then he tells me he served in the Mexico Couliocan mission. And I was like "Hey I feel like I know someone who also served there." And then when he was giving us a ride to our appointment, it hit me. So I asked him, "Hey did you ever meet an Elder Stock on your mission?" And guess what. He said yes. So take advantage of seeing Brother Stock tonight to tell him I met the guy who came in to replace him when he left the mission. His name is Daniel Rosas. He said they only knew each other a few days but that Elder Stock was famous in the mission. SO yeah I thought that was pretty cool.
Anyway, my week was pretty normal. Hope you guys enjoy yours.
Les quiero mucho,'

Elder Rawlings

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