Sunday, May 24, 2015

100% chance of rain

("formula for success: pick a house that looks promising, knock on the door, and they will let you in" shown in the photos)
Dear All,
What a week.
So remember how I kept saying that Mexicali was super hot? It still is. But this week was different. Everyone was telling us "watch out guys theres a 100% chance of rain on friday" but we were like yeah ok haha here we are in the middle of the desert it'll rain for like 10 minutes and then it'll just be super hot again. So yeah. More on that later.
It was a pretty good week. On Tuesday we had a training with Presidente Garcia; he came to talk to all of the bishops and Ward Mission Leaders here in this stake. And he asked for the missionaries to be there. So that was cool. And he pretty much exhorted everyone on all sides. It was way fun to watch. And then the Stake President spoke. Man that dude is powerful. Incredible speaker. And when he talks his has this face like he is furious at something and he moves his hands a lot and the whole thing just gives it this dictator-type vibe, but talking about the Gospel. It's super cool. 
On Wednesday we had a pretty cool thing happen. We went to go visit someone who we have been teaching kind of off and on because she doesn't go to church, but she really wants to learn. Also she has a son with a knowledge of the scriptures that is absolutely mind-blowing. So we went to visit her. And she was telling us how a couple months ago she and her husband were talking about how they wanted to join a church, and that day her husband had come home from work (he's a taxi driver) and said that he had met some "Hermanos" and had invited them over to the house, but then they never showed up. That made me think a little bit. About two months ago, when I first got here, I had gotten into a taxi on exchanges and we had spoken with the driver, who had given us an address on the same street that this lady lives on. But when we had gone to visit, they said that no one lived in that house with that name. So yeah we left it at that. But then I pulled out my Planner and looked at the reference and asked the lady what her husband's name is. Yep. It's the same dude. I think we heard the number of the house wrong. But still. It's pretty cool how the Lord works to make sure his children get home safe.
Not a whole lot more happened this week. It was a good week. 
Haha just kidding. I know you're dying to know what happened with the rain. Here we go.
So we left the house at about 10:45, after we had finished studying. And it was raining, but not a whole lot. So I was like yeah, whatever. But it didn't let up. And so we started working, and we ended up finding some pretty cool new people. And then it started getting worse. And we didn't have umbrella, jacket, nothing. So that was good. So we went to our house, cause members were going to bring us food, and when we got home we were soaked. We changed real quick, ate, and then left, but with umbrella and rainjacket. And it just kept raining and raining, and holy cow it's still raining. It finally stopped at about 6:30, exaclty when we finally had a member available to give us a ride. So we went to a lesson, and when we left we had the option to take the long way, or pass through a field and get to the next appointment in about 3 minutes. We decided to take the field. After all we were in a car what could possibly happen.
SO yeah about 30 seconds later we were stuck. So this guy gets out, we get out, his girlfriend takes the wheel, we roll up our pant legs and start pushing in the mud. Pretty soon it got unstuck, and she just took off, leaving us about 100 yards of field to cross on foot. So we got out of there and all of us were about 3 inches taller cause of the mud on our shoes. It was pretty fun. Overall, it was a good day. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Well yeah that's my week. Hope you guys had an even better one.
Les quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

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