Sunday, May 17, 2015

Another transfer down

Celebratory root beer floats in honor of  making it though another transfer 
Dear All,
Holy cow this week has flown by I feel like I just talked to you guys yesterday. Weird how time works.
Anyway this week has been pretty cool. On Monday after I wrote you guys we went to a member's house with all the Young Men and played pool for a few hours so that was a pretty solid day. Then of course we went to work and had a pretty cool lesson. It was with a family we found knocking doors. They had let us in, and we had shared a little mini lesson with them, and then on Monday we had set an appointment to go visit them. And at the end of the lesson, we asked them to pray. And one of the daughters offered to do it. So we taught her how, and when she prayed it was super cool. It was one of the most sincere prayers I've ever heard. When she finished, her mom was crying super hard. It was a pretty solid moment. 
Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty solid, and then Thursday got weird. About 5 in the afternoon, the sky started getting cloudy and then it started getting really windy, and I started getting really excited. I thought it was gonna rain. And I miss rain. But no. It didn't rain, it just got pretty cold. (Actually they told us it was like 70 but when you compare that with 105, it's pretty freaking cold.) And Friday was the same way.Super "cold" haha. But it felt nice. It was the first time I haven't sweated in my sleep since I've been here (and if sweated isn't a word, judge ye). 
Also on Friday we were on exchanges and I was with that guy from Mississippi I told you about. He is a blast. There's a neighborhood here called "Caminos del Sur" (Ways/Paths of the South) and so he went and took a picture of it so that he could, in his own words "send it tuh mah daddy" (You've gotta say it out loud) because "The South gon' rise again!" 
Saturday was brutal. I don't know if I have had a day quite so physically demanding in my whole mission. We literally didn't sit down until about 7:30. Every single lesson we taught was outside the person's house. And they didn't feel like bringing out chairs. So we were on our feet from 11 am to 2 pm when we ate, then we left at 3 and were standing until 7:30. It was a hard day. But I had been listening to that talk from Elder Wirthlin "Come what may and love it" and so I was doing a hard job of not complaining, just laughing at how rediculously hard it was and how incredibly my feet hurt. But it ended up being a good day. We found a few solid new people to teach and we gave away all the Books of Mormon we brought with us. So yeah. Worth it.
Sunday was pretty solid. We went with some members who have laptops and let us call, and so that was nice. They made us steak and pasta and salad and it was like a normal sunday dinner at home. And then I got to see you guys and all your cute little faces and it was pretty cool.  I just forgot everything I was gonna say. 
Then we got home and celebrated a little bit one more transfer completed (see attatched photos.) It was pretty solid.
So yeah that was my week. Another transfer down, only 10 more to go. As much as I wish it was 20 or 100, that's just the way it is.
Stay classy,
Les quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

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