Sunday, May 10, 2015

Adventures in hot Mexicali

Dear All,
Calm down guys I have hand sanitizer haha. And I already fixed my shoes too so yeah. I'm doing pretty well.
But this week was SO HOT. Holy heck. It was brutal. And with the heat the people either don't leave their hose, so there's no one in the street to talk to, and the people in the street already hate being outside and then two dudes with shirts and ties try and talk to them and make them stay outside longer just makes them mad. It's not that they're bad people, in fact I totally understand. I hate being outside too.
But yeah that's about how it goes. I had my first experience almost getting killed, so that was cool. We went to this one neighborhood where it looks like they're some decent houses; they all have two floors and we saw a few cars (which means they can go to church by themselves haha) and so we went to knock doors. But then we started noticing that the vast majority of the houses and cars were straight up abandoned. And then we knocked a door and this dude was like "Yeah last night we got robbed and while were in the house and so we are cleaning up right now sorry come back another day". Warning bells 1 and 2. And then we get to the end of the street, and I see this guy coming out of this giant empty field behind the neighborhood, and I think "OK yeah he looks pretty sketchy I'm starting to not like this". But I didn't really look at him closely cause I didn't wanna start anything. But then my companion grabs my arm and says "Elder, vámonos ya" (Elder, lets get the heck out of here). And so I look at the dude again and notice he's hiding an ice pick behind his back and looking at us kinda funny. So we wait for him to turn the corner and BAM we take off running. Never again are we headed back there. 
Other than that nothing really interesting happened this week. I got sick for the first time, a combo of dehydration and some sketchy mexican food. But yeah I'm all better.
Two funny things about this place: this week we have started seeing a ton of giant inflatables. Apparently there's a ton of little business that rent em for like 600 pesos ($50) for a weekend. So these people have these giant inflatable water slides for their kids to play with while the parents sit around cooling themselves off the old fashioned way. And by that I mean they just get drunk. 
Another funny thing. 5 de Mayo has no meaning here. I don't think there's school today, but other than that no one celebrates anything. It's a normal day. So yeah haha we Americans are pretty dumb.
Also I found something kinda funny in the scriptures the other day. In Alma 10:6 it mentions the exact date of Amulek's conversion. Go look it up. It laughed for like 10 minutes.
I hope you guys are all doing well. I'm doing fantastic, in spite of the fact that's it already getting to be more than 100 degrees here.
Les quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

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