Sunday, May 1, 2016

I love the Temple

At the Tijuana Temple with Elder Ortiz
Dear All,
Don't have like any time to write, this week we worked super hard and it went well, we lerned just how big pur area really is (HUGE) and I went on exchanges with an Elder who just finished his training and I brought him to my area and me and my companion decided we wanted him to see what real work was like so I worked the kid (for lack of a better term) like a mule. We went up and down and pretty much at a jogging pace, to the point where we would get to houses and he would just collapse in the seat. It was good though, we got along well and I hope he learned something. 
Also, super cool, we got a call from President on Friday, telling us that an ex Missionary from here who had been my companion's companion was getting sealed here in Tijuana and had invited Elder Ortiz to go with him to his sealing. We got to the temple, and I was supposed to stay with the comp of the other elder who was going to the sealing, but they didn't show up, and so Pres looked at me and was like, "Well, do you wanna just do a session real quick?" and I was like "HECK yes please por favor." and he was like "alright go for it." AND IT WAS AWESOME. I LOVE THE TEMPLE. 
But yeah that was the highlight of the week. Love you guys. Keep being great.
Los quiero mucho,
Elder Rawlings

PS one of the pics is from a while ago when I had to break into my house

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