Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ward Conference

Dear All,
This week was pretty chill. It was Ward Conference, so the whole week we had activities that were supposed to unite and pump up the ward so that the Conference was super chill, and so that was kinda fun. We started the week with mass visits, which they told us an hour beforehand that we were supposed to be in charge of, and then the next day was a sports day, which we were also in charge of, and the third day was a Talent show but no one brought talents to share they just did a giant FHE haha so that was cool. It was just funny how it was like "hey let's just have the missionaries do everything." It means that they trust us, but it was like "ok cool but guess what I have to teach and preach and work as missionaries do as well haha".
We had some cool experiences this week too, about a week ago a sister gave us some hand made chorizo from Zacatecas, which is supposedly super super good. And so our ward mission leader, who is from Mexico City and knows how to cook, came over and taught us how to make Pambazos, which are like sandwhiches with chorizo and potato, but the sandwich is dunked in salsa and then fried and then you put lettuce and sour cream and more salsa and cheese on it and wow it is soooo good. I ate 3 and then woke up with such a stomachache it was not even funny but it was so worth it. And I wrote down the recipe so that I can make it when I get home. You're gonna love it.
Also this week we found a whole street of chosen people. We knocked one door and this lady let us in and then told us that her brother died a month ago and that she was also looking for the true church. That was cool. Then we started walking up the street and we met her brother, who told us he was looking for a church because ever since his brother died he had started to drink again. There were a few others on that street that let us in, and it was pretty cool. It was definitely following the Spirit.
We also thought we were gonna get kidnapped, but since it didn't happen I can tell that story here. So we started getting weird messages from some guy who said he was an inactive ward missionary and that he needed to talk to us. But it was really weird like he kept insisting and insisting and we were like ok fine be in the chapel at such and such a time and we will see you there. Our plan was to get there early and kind of scope it out from across the street, but we were running late and so we didn't make it in time. So we got to the church, ready to punch and kick and not get kidnapped, but turns out it really was an inactive ward missionary who needed to talk to us. It was also mutual for another ward in our building, which we didn't know, and so there was plenty of people there and it was all chill. Just so you know that I do try to take care of myself and not get kidnapped or robbed or anything.
Anyway I hope you are all doing great. Keep reading the scriptures every day and saying your prayers. 
Los quiero mucho,

Elder Rawings

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