Sunday, February 21, 2016

Zone Conference Training

Selfie in front of the the Tijuana Temple
Dear All,
When I put that date in the subject line it hit me that we are freaking in 2016. Oops. Also 6 months from today will be my last day in the mission. Double oops. Where did the time go.
But yeah this week was pretty cool. We had our Zone Conference, and my companion and I decided to do something different than all the other trainings we give. So we called President Garcia and asked him to be an investigator for an extended practice that we did. It was probably the funnest training I have given. President Garcia is awesome. He kept telling us that he worked gathering soda cans on the roadsides (which is actually quite viable in this p├árt of Tijuana), but the at the end we simulated a phone call to see how the investigator was doing with his Book of Mormon reading, and he answers the phone "Good afternoon, Happy Dog´s Meat Market" which is funny cause here in Tijuana it´s famous for meat shops to secretly sell dog meat. So we all about died. It was all in all a very fun day.
We had a ward FHE, which was going to be really cool, and it was, but when we got to the activity, we were going to play that game where you hang donuts on a string and you have to eat them without hands, but then we realized that there was no place to hang donuts, so we just gave them out. Woo party! 
Other than that, we spent all day today with a family that my companion knew from Mexicali, so I got up to speed on all that is going on there with Nacionalista and everything. So that was pretty cool. 
Speaking of that, remember how last week was Hamburger week? This week was Chinese food week. We ate chinese food on Thursday, Sunday (long story) and today. I'm pretty done with it for a little while. And to make it worse, we spoke in Sacrament meeting on Sunday and the my companion thought it would be funny to, jokingly, tell all of the ward that they should give us lasagna. I swear if we eat lasagna all week this week... Not that I don't like lasagna, but every day? Ehhh.
But yeah this week was really  not that exciting. I tried to be more loving when I contacted and taught and stuff and it was kinda cool how people reacted better. We also made it a point to, instead of introducing ourselves as "Missionaries", we introduced ourselves as "Reprentatives of Jesus Christ" because pretty much every church has missionaries, but we are the only ones who are authorized and comissioned by Him. So that was cool. That took us to a lesson we had where a lady told us that she had been born and baptized catholic, but then she switched to Jehovah's Witness, and then Christian, and now she didn't know what she was. When we taught her the Restoration, she was like "holy cow this is literally what I have been looking for ALL my life. It's so simple to see now." It was almost as if she was an actress paid to be perfect. But yeah. We left that lesson smiling.
I only have 6 months left. What the heck. I can't say I feel like I just got here, but I can definitely say that I don't feel "old" in the mission. It's weird seeing new missionaries and being like "who the heck are you when did you get here" and it's weird thinking of them seeing me as like a seasoned veteran who knows it all. But yeah that's just how it goes.
Hope you guys are all doing well, read you scriptures every day, pray always, and keep the sabbath day holy 100%.
Los quiero mucho!
Elder Rawlings

PS no hahahahahaha "armas" means weapons but it is also a last name. What she said really translates to this: "Hi I am someone who knows about you guys through the Gamboa Armas family from Tijuana" HAHAHA google translate don't worry I'm definitely not involved in weapons deals hahahaha

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