Sunday, February 14, 2016

Blessings of sacrifice

Elder Alegria (Jenson's former  companion) posted this picture on his Facebook page after he returned home from his mission a couple of weeks ago

Dear All,
First off, congrats to Sadie and McKay for having great seasons in basketball and getting one year older. Congrats to Payton Manning, going out with a win. And congrats anyone else who needs it haha.
This week was pretty funny. This area might be the most fun I've had so far. There's just so many crazy people and dug addicts and its just a weird combination. Lots of deported dudes too so I get to practice my English quite a bit.
But anyway the family that we found last week knocking doors is probably one of the funniest experiences I'm going to have on the mission. I don't even know the words to describe them. Their life is a ridiculous story full of conflict, high-level drug deals, murder, everything this city has to offer. I'll make a movie about it one day. It'll get an oscar.
But anyway the family consists of a lady who is 52 years old and about 3 times my size. And her mom. They are HILARIOUS but its not like they try to be. For example. The other day the daughter burned her finger on the stove, and then proceeded the next 10 minutes to lick her finger as if it were a lollipop trying to make it feel better. Or the mom one time answered the door and on her shirt there were a few beans that had fallen off her spoon and found a resting place there. A few minutes later she went to scratch and wow hey look some beans and to my surprise (not really) popped those suckers right into her mouth and started to chew. About died.
But the best part is this. We show up at their house on Friday, and the daughter answers the door. We ask her how she's been, and she says sad. We ask why, and she says, "well, my mom had a heart attack yesterday." Woah. I was speechless. But then she kept talking. Good news, mom was still alive, she was in the hospital all night, but when she woke up the first thing she remembered was that we had appointment to visit them that day. So she convinced the nurse to let her go home so that she could make the appointment. Wow. That was pretty cool. They went to church on Sunday and that was also a pretty solid experience. 
But yeah. We invited a few people to repent, some quite directly and strongly, and overall it was a pretty special week. Lots and lots and lots of trials of patience, not with my companion or anything, just with appointments falling through, lots of rejection, the usual. But yeah this is a good time of year. 
I don't really know what else to write about, except for an experience I had about 2 weeks ago that I forgot to tell you about.
So we were having a terrible day. It was one of those days where you plan the night before and see appointments every hour on the hour and with people that have lots of potencial, and then you wake up and there's a message cancelling one appointment, then a call cancelling the other, and then the rest just aren't home so you knock hundreds of doors and not one lets you in and your feet hurt and everything and yeah. One of those days. We all have them. So at the end of the day we had about 2 lessons (our daily average is between 5-8) and tons of contacts and doors and not a whole lot of success. So I was like "alright finally it's 8:50 let's go home" and we passed some hot dogs and I wanted a hot dog. So we go buy hot dogs, and when I went to pay, the guy next to me was like "hey man don't worry about it it's on me." I was like wow. "hey dude are you a member?" and he said "Nah, I'm catholic, but my wife and I always see you guys walking and we think it's really cool that you guys make all these sacrifices and stuff just to preach the Good Word. We felt like we needed to buy these for you guys. Thanks for all you do." And it was like wow. That's what I needed to hear. It was really cool. Moral of the story: I'm gonna go buy hot dogs every night before going home haha.
Hope you are all doing great, love you lots and don't forget to read the scriptures every day.
Los quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

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