Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Work is moving along

Here's a pic of the Tlayuda

Dear All,
All in all, not a bad week. It was pretty solid food wise. I ate hamburgers Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, so that was good at first but increasingly bad. I feel like the Lord sometimes answers my prayers TOO well, cause on Monday my companion told me to pick what we were gonna eat, and I said I really wanted hamburgers. So that turned out well.
BUT THEN TODAY GUESS WHAT I ATE. So my companion is from Oaxaca, and there is a Oaxacan food restaurant here in our area. So we went. I ate something called a Tlayuda (Tlayooduh), with Tasajo (tasaho) and chapulines (you can look up what chapulines are on google) and I drank tejate (tayhatay). It was waaay good. Tlayudas are like giant, giant quesadillas with cheese, meat, lettuce, and beans, and in this case chapulines, which btw are super good. It was probably the most expensive meal I have paid for here on the mission, about $10 haha. But so worth it. Way good.
But yeah this week was pretty good. We were knocking doors one day, and we entered into a little apartment complex (just so you know, this area has a ton of those, and some of them are super hidden, like on top of warehouses and factories and stuff and the fun part is trying how to figure out how to get up there.) So anyway we were knocking doors and we hear coming from one of the doors a couple yelling at each other. Really loudly, and with lots of swear words. Jokingly, I said to my companion, "That familly needs the gospel." Next thing I knew we were knocking their door. Funny how that works out. But anyways the lady that came out was pretty friendly, she told us to please come back, and so we set an appointment and yeah. When we get there, we find out that the family was super, super chosen. They accepted everything, super fast and super commitedly (I don't know if that's a word). But anyways it was super cool. We left and my companion was like "Dude, they really did need the Gospel." So that was kinda cool.
The miracle neice from last week has been going great, she already recieved an answer that the Book of Mormon is true, everything good there. 
Also I should probably fill you in on Lucila, the little old lady who used to be a JW. She's probably the best person in this world. One time we went to visit her, and her daughter and granddaughter were there. Long story short both her daughter (about 40 years old) and her grandaughter (19) think I'm cute. And so Lucila keeps asking me if I think her grandaughter is cute. She told me the other day that she wants us to get married. But that's not even the best part, the other day she was talking about her and BOOM in walks granddaughter. That was about the most awkward moment of my life. But don't worry I'm focused and we always tell Lucila we can't think about things like that right now. But she's rather old and quite forgetful, so it doesn't help much. But yeah she's awesome.
During this week all of the sudden our area got super dangerous, but don't worry those stories are for after the mission ;). I'm safe and that's what counts, right?
I hope you guys are all doing well, good luck in the playoffs McKay and Sadie and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Los quiero mucho,
Elder Rawlings

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