Sunday, February 28, 2016

A pretty great week

Dear All,
Another week come and gone. This week was pretty normal. Kinda sad, but pretty normal. The sad part is that Lucila, the Jehovah's Witness that got baptized a couple months ago moved to San Fransisco, which is sad now cause we won't be able to visit her any more, but kinda cool cause San Fran is not that far (I think) from BYU, so seeing her post-mish won't be too hard. SO that's kinda cool. But yeah it was a sad goodbye.
Other than that it was a fairly normal week. My companion and I decided to find a new way to get closer to our zone, so we wrote each of them a letter. That was a pretty cool experience. I remember a note that one of my zone leaders left me when he came to my area on exchanges, and I still have it stuck in my scriptures. I hope the letters helped these guys to get pumped up and work with all their heart, might, mind, and strength. It certainly helped me just writing them.
This week we found an investigator who is literally the most prepared person I have ever met in my life. We knocked on her door, and she let us come in for 15 minutes and say a prayer with her and read some scriptures. She told us that she had been going from church to church and that she really hasn't found the "truth" yet. So that was like "WOW" and then when we taught her the Restoration she loved it and then when we taught her "Keep the Sabbath Day Holy" she decided not to work on Sunday right then and there. SO that was like "WOWOW" (double wow). She is way cool. The bad part is that I might get transferred next week and so I might not be able to see her get baptized. Oh well. This isn't my work.
I went on exchanges this week, and we had a pretty freaking cool experience. So we found these tall apartment building (I was in the other area, not mine) and we decided to go knock a few hundred doors. But when we got closer, we saw that all of the buildings were closed. There was no public access. So we started walking around, looking for a building that was open, and we ended up in front of one that was closed. However, one Elder pulled out a list of referrals that he printed off, and found a name and address that corresponded to THAT EXACT BUILDING. Without knowing it, we had gotten to the place we needed to get. So we waited outside for about 30 seconds until someone came out of the building, and then we grabbed the door and went inside. After not finding the reference we were looking for, we started knocking every single door from the top floor down. After a few...sketchy, experiences, we knocked a door and we hear a woman's voice "Voy!" (english equivalent of "I'm coming") and so we were like wow finally. A large, hairy, american dude named Jeff answered the door. Wearing nothing but some too short too tight gym shorts. We started talking to him in English, and then he introduced us to his wife. Here comes the cool part.
So like two days before, other missionaries had contacted a lady in a taxi who basically told them her whole life story and then told them that they could for sure go and teach her and her family, but she only gave them her phone number. So these guys had called the phone number, but the person who answered didn't give them their address. So they were like "aw dang, well that sucks" and had pretty much lost hope of finding this person. Guess who the dude's wife was. Yep. The very lady that they had been trying to find. It was pretty cool. 
Just so that you know we only ate lasagna 2 times this week, it was almost 3 but the family that was going to feed us one day called and asked what we wanted and I said "anything but lasagna please" and the brother was like "oh good thing you say that cause we were gonna make lasagna." Close call.
CONGRATS ALLIE!! You're gonna have a blast. Keep strong these last couple months, it'll all be all right.
Los quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

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