Sunday, August 2, 2015

Salsa competition judges

Dear All,
HOLY WEEK. Let´s get started.
On Tuesday we went on exchanges. We were leaving the house, we got to the corner, and my companion started telling me that his bike felt kinda funny. So we checked it out and the freaking wheel had straight up fallen off the back of the bike. Like I don´t know how it was held on except by the blessings of tithing and keeping the sabbath day holy. So we ran back to the house, did a 10 second flip of the bikes, and we were off. But here is the best part. The reason my comp switched bikes was cause his seat was broken. So without knowing it, I made my District leader get up onto a broken seat. So basically the whole day he was riding around with his butt about a half inch above the wheel. Also, the seat padding didn´t work and so sitting on it kinda made it feel like there was a metal pole sticking up into places where it doesn´t belong. The dude is a champ cause he rode it the whole day like that. 
Wednesday we set up a ¨Bring Your Own Salsa¨ competion with the Relief Society. That got intense. One of our investigators won. But don´t worry the judges were professional. They definitely weren´t two blue eyed americans. Just kidding. The judges were totally us. It was great.
Thursday was a normal day. Nothing super special.
Friday we had a pretty kickin day. We only baptized 6 people nothing big. And we sang a special musical number. A mixup of ´Paz, calmense¨ ¨Tu me has dado muchas bendiciones Dios¨ and ¨Asombro me da¨ (I forgot their titles in English I know because i have been given much and the other is i stand all amazed but paz calmense i have no idea) and it was LEGIT. Way cool.
Saturday we had ANOTHER baptism bringing the total to 7 this week and 8 this month. Thats some good work right there. But on Saturday there was a special musical number too from a girl in our ward and her friend that are going to be in the Tijuana Temple dedication choir. Holy freaking moly. The voices of Angels. It was amazing.
Sunday we confirmed all of them, and then we got permission from President to do something very special. Ladies and Gentlemen, this saturday I will be on American soil. We totally got permision to go to San Diego and go to the TEMPLE YEAHHHHHHHH IM SO HAPPY!! And then we found out that we will also be able to see the Mexico City temple rededication in September. I´m so freaking excited. I love to see the temple.
I hope you guys are just so very happy. I really love all of you and I hope the best for you. Hearing that Allie and Sadie weren´t hurt is just awesome. That could have been super bad. 
Keep reading the scrips, keep going to church, and keep being good people.
Los quiero demasiado,

Elder Rawlings

Jenson's zone enjoying lunch together

Bike Selfie
Salsa Judges

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