Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another pretty good week

Dear All,
Pretty good week.
Monday we spent the day at the mall and then in the Centro buying stuff for my comp to take home (he has two weeks left). So that was pretty chill.
Tuesday we had our training with the President. I guess he looked at my FaceBook or something and saw that I was studying Engineering and he´s an engineer, so that was kinda cool. Everytime there was anything to do with numbers he would ask me the answer. So that was pretty cool haha. We talked alot about our potential both as people and as missionaries, and what´s stopping us from getting there. Pretty cool.
We were also on exchanges that day, and leaving the stake center it was super hot so I was just looking for the first bus that passed by that took us to our house. And I saw one. So we got on. But we grabbed it on the wrong side of the road, cause all of the buses here have two routes. One that goes one way and one that travels the same course but in the other direction (I hope that makes sense). So you not only have to know what bus to take but which side of the street to take it on. And we messed up. Two hours later, after a sick tour of the whole city of Mexicali, we got off in front of the house. Not my proudest moment.
Wednesday was pretty chill, a sister brought some burritos to our house that didn´t quite fall well in my stomach  so that was an interesting twist for the next couple days.
We also met a super dope guy that day. We got his reference from some other zone leaders, and they told us that he had just showed up at church by himself. So we went and taught him and turns out that like 5 years ago he rented a house that was owned by some members. And they had a copy of the Book of Mormon there. So he read it. And he´s had the desire to go to church since that day. And on sunday he finallly went. And we taught him. That was pretty freaking legit. The Lord really does prepare his children so that they can come back to his presence.
Thursday we had interviews with President. I always love those.
Friday was a pretty normal day. My comp decided he didn´t like his bike, and we had another frame in the house. So he changed the wheels and put them on the other frame. So now its this red old school frame with a whitewall thick tire in back and a black street tire in front. It is the best looking bike of all time. I´m kinda jealouse. And I promise there will be pics next week. 
Saturday we got up at really early to start a service project at 6:30am putting a roof on this guy´s house. That was pretty fun. I felt like I was gonna fall through the roof at any given moment but other that that it was way fun. And then we went and cleaned the chapel. And then we went home and got showered and as soon as we left the house it started to rain. And yes we got mega wet. 
On sunday we had a lesson after church and when we came outside it was like hey this weather feels really nice. And then we were going along on our bikes and we start to hear thunder and feel little drops. And then bigger drops. And so we found the nearest member and took shelter. But then we had to leave cause we had interviews for some upcoming baptisms. And so we had to leave. At this point the rain had stopped, but there were some legit puddles. Like as we pedaled, our feet would dip into the water. I felt like a human Jeep. Super legit.
And yeah that was my week. It is so much fun having an american companion. Last night we played 1 on 1 soccer in the house with this little plastic princess ball we found in the backyard. And like they say its all fun and games until someone gets hit where it hurts. We stopped after that.
I hope you guys are enjoying your summer break and doing not super dumb things. 
Los quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

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