Sunday, August 16, 2015

Transferred to Lago Tijuana

Dear All,
So I have two weeks to catch up on. Let´s see how well I do.
The last week in Mexicali feels like forever ago. The temple was super duper legit, and yes we did as many ordenances as we could in Spanish. It was cool cause we got to do every single one. We started in initatories and then we went to sealings cause we had some time before the session and then we went through a session with the whole ward. That was way dope. Also my companion got sealed to an American girl there, so that was pretty funny. It was like a glimpse right into his not too far distant future. Lol I´m gonna miss that dude a ton.
The highlights from the week: Another baptism, which put our total at 9 for the transfer (one shy of the record) and that was way cool. It was the daughter of a Less Active family and her dad got to baptize her. It was pretty legit hearing her dad say ¨Habiendo sido comisionado por Jesucristo¨. It was way cool.
And then we got the call and my District leader was like ¨Dude are you ready for this? These are the craziest tranfers I´ve ever seen.¨ And then the dude freaking hung up on me. So that was sick. But then he called me back and told me that I was leaving, that I had to be in Tijuana at 10am to pick up my new companion fresh from the MTC. And then he told me I was going to be opening an area. And then he told me I was moving up as a DL. BOOM. All of it just kinda hit me. I don´t think I slept at all that night.
So now here I am in Lago with my new compa Elder Priego, from Taluka, Mexico. He´s a pretty quiet guy but he´s a good missionary.
My new area is super huge and we don´t have bikes so that´s kinda hard, also in terms of drugs and sin this is definitely the worst area I´ve been in so far. So we shall see how this all goes. We´ve already had several encounters with drunk people (including some drunk members) and we have knocked on several doors to have people with needles in their arms answer them. So that is definitely very sad. It´s hard because those are the people who need the gosple most but they are also the hardest ones to accept it. So that´s a challenge. But it´s alright. We are just gonna baptize a ton. This is gonna be a solid couple of transfers. I can already feel it.
Other cool things about my area is that is has two of the best religous sites here within or just next to the boundaries, one of them being the Temple, and the other is this HUGE Catholic church with a giant Christ statue that overlooks the whole city. Literally the two churches that are mentioned in 1 Nephi 11-14. So that is kinda cool. I guess. The temple looks super duper legit, way better than when I saw it a year ago, but from what I´ve been hearing I´m not gonna be able to help in the open house cause it´s only gonna be Sister Missionaries and Members. Oh well. We shall see.
The other cool thing is that all of the Americans in my district are from the south. I´m from Georgia, there´s a sister from North Carolina, and there´s a Zone Leader from North Carolina too. WOO. 
Today we all went and played ping pong and other activities and ate pizza and basically just had fun  as a zone and it was pretty fun. I took second in the Ping Pong tournament just so you guys know. 
Anyway there really isn´t a whole lot more to talk about. Hope you all have an excellent week and always read your scriptures and say your prayers.
Los quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

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