Sunday, July 12, 2015

Short email this week

Dear All,
This is gonna be super short due to the fact that we spent 5 hours in the doctors office and the others bowling with the zone. 
But this week was awesome! On tuesday, on the bus back from district meeting, me and my companion were the only ones on the bus, so the bus driver pulled over, mumbled something about how this would only take a second, went to the back of the bus, and proceeded to pee into a water bottle. I LOVE MEXICO!!
We have been going to the gym every morning and learning how to box. My respects to boxers everwhere (especially Joe´s hehe) cause that is one tough sport holy heck. The first day I could not move. Everything hurt. And we only punched the bag. But it´s wicked fun.
On Friday we had our steak and shrimp (cause sunday was fast sunday and here the fast starts after lunch on saturday) and DANG was it good. My comp is like pro chef level. It was legit. If I had more time I would hook yall up with the pics but that´ll wait till next week.
Also on Saturday we planned this super legit missionary activity with all the youth ¨A day in the MTC¨ but then only the bishop and his two kids and his wife came so we just cleaned the church. And my Bishop was a pro soccer player when he was 14 so hes pretty good and I found a ball that I was kicking around while we were cleaning and he was like ¨Hey lemme see that¨ and then lined up to kick it and hit my comp in the back of the head and when he planted his foot it slipped and the dude was flat on his back like a sack of hammers. And EVERYONE saw. It was probably top 5 funniest things I´ve seen in my life. After the bus driver peeing in a water bottle.
I also went out on a limb and let my companion cut my hair. I don´t think anything else needs to be said.
Keep being cool, read your scriptures, and don´t forget to pray.
Los quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

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