Sunday, June 14, 2015

Surprise Transfer

Dear All,
Holy week. Holy flipping week.
It started so well; we started teaching a guy who speaks perfect English and wanted us to teach him in English so guess who taught the whole lesson. It was kinda weird. I had to translate many words, just cause they aren't words that I would normally use. It was fun though. 
We also started working on the next baptisms up. A family that we met like 3 weeks ago but then their daughter got sick and so we couldn't see em for a while. But we found them on Tuesday and they told us they had already made plans to be in church on Sunday without us telling them anything, and that they had read their pamphlets several times. So dang yeah that was nice. Also a Catholic family who told us they don't let anyone in but when they met us they felt something different and so they decided to let us come in and teach them. Chosens.
Tuesday and Wednesday I was with Elder Cronin (the dude from Mississippi) and we had fun. He's crazy. We also found someone super cool. When we asked her if she wanted to get baptized, she told us yes right away. And then when we told her what day, she started to cry and said that it was the day of her dad's birthday, and that her dad had died a  few years ago and she felt like he hadn't forgiven her for things that she had done, and so it was going to be a very special day. So yeah that was pretty incredible. 
On Thursday morning we got a fantastic call. The family that we baptized on Saturday, their dad is depressed and had been laying in bed for like a month without doing anything. But in these past couple weeks he's made a few steps. Like he went out and cut his hair and he went for a bike ride. But he wasn't working, so the family was struggling hard economically. But then on Thursday the lady called us, told us that he had gotten up that morning and went and got a job making tacos. Pretty much on his own. She was so happy, and we were too. He said that as soon as he left the house he felt better, that he wants to come to church on Sunday, that he wants to get baptized, all that good stuff. AND he was going to have his day off on Sundays. BOOM. So cool. That afternoon we met the uncle of the other girl who got baptized on Saturday, and when we invited him to baptism he said that he got goosebumps and also almost started to cry. So yeah basically we were finding golden investigators everywhere. 
So Thursday night we were walking down the street with a recent convert to a lesson, when the phone rang. My companion answered, "Good evening President Garcia how's it going?" So yeah that kinda sent up a flag. They talked for a little bit while I knocked the door, and then he came over to tell me that we had to be home early so that we could talk to the President.
So we get home and make the call. Lots of little things happened, but the gist is this. A missionary went home on Wednesday and left his companion alone. So guess who was getting sent to be the replacement. That's right, Elder Vega and I. They closed our area, and by Saturday night we were working in trio with Elder Mera in the Nacionalista Ward. 
That sucked. Holy heck. We had to say goodbye to all of the members and converts in one day. And totally unexpectedly. It was a miracle that we even found all of them because we pretty much just showed up unannounced and dropped the bomb on them. Probably the hardest day of my mission so far. And the first time I have really cried since getting here. I love these people. Some of these people we were in their house every other day. We all got so close. It was like leaving behind my family again.
But anyway life moves on. Sunday afternoon they called us to tell us that I'm staying here with Elder Mera until the end of the transfer, two weeks away, and Elder Vega took off for Tijuana. I'm gonna miss that dude. We straight up killed it there in Robledo. Not boasting or anything, but we worked our tails off. We just would not settle for less than excellence. We found at least 10 new investigators each week we were together. 9 weeks straight. It was awesome. But now it's on me. Nacionalista won't know what hit it.
I always love hearing that you guys are well, and I hope it keeps going that way.
Les quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

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