Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Companion

Jenson and his new comp Elder Zundel

Dear All,
Yes this week was changes. And yes there was a change. Elder Mera went to Tijuana and I received...(drum roll)...ANOTHER AMERICAN! Woo I am so happy. This is his last transfer so that means I´m gonna be here for a while, at least for alllll of the heat. But it´s good, he´s a good guy and we are gonna get along well together I think.

But yeah this week was pretty chill. I went on exchanges this week with another guy who is about to go home. On bike. And once again, my bike had no brakes. So that was terrifying. I have never felt so close to death. Plus it was like 115 that day, so yeah that was nice. But that day was fun. When we went to go eat, the sister praised my eating skills, saying that the missionaries in her ward don´t eat because they´re getting ready to go home, so they´re trying to lose weight. And I´m there like "lay it on me I've got more than a year to catch up" haha it was fun. Just super hot.

On Wednesday I had a lesson that made me laugh harder than just about anything in my life. So there were two little old ladies sitting outside talking. And they started calling to us. So we go talk to them, and we realize one is deaf, so we just focus on the one that can hear. But the deaf one kept talking anyway, even if it didn't have anything to do with the topic. So that got me started. And then the other lady chimed in saying that the night before she had been praying and asking for a blessing. Apparently she needed 100 pesos to go do something, so she prayed and asked for that blessing. And BAM there we were. So I was like "Hello baptism how are you?" but then she kept talking. She said the following: "I just want to go to your church, get up and grab the microphone, and just ask the people there for...well, for a blessing. Cause I just need 100 pesos, and all the people that go to your church are super rich right?" And bam. Spirit gone, two elders fighting to keep straight faces, both of us imagining this lady in a testimony meeting. It was just so unexpected. Everything was going so well and then it all just changed so suddenly. So we left them with a prayer and turned the corner as fast as possible so that she wouldn't see us laughing. It was great.

Thursday was the hottest day of my life. They said it got up to 48 degrees Celsius. I'll let you guys hit up the conversion on that. But then there was a breeze. When I think of breezes I think of cool, refreshing little blows of air that help you out. Not here. Have you ever stood in front of an oven at 450? Yeah. The wind physically hurt. And everything just bakes. I have a blister on my finger because I touched a chain link fence. IT IS INDESCRIBABLY HOT. And they say it's just beginning...
Friday and Saturday were hot too, but not like that. Saturday we did what I thought we would never do. We bought bikes. But the first think I checked was that the brakes worked and that the pedals were straight. And yeah. I bought a pretty dope bike. It's fast, looks good, and has working brakes. It's nice.

Sunday we just spent the day saying goodbye to members, and I realized that the ward here is pretty cool. So that's nice.

Anyway that's my week. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer, and drinking lots of water.

Los quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

Jenson and Elder Mera 

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