Sunday, June 21, 2015

First week in Nacionalista

Jenson  and Elder Vega just prior to leaving Robledo

Dear All,
Happy Fathers Day! I don't know if it's this week or next, but whatever. It's one of the two, and I figured I would just mention it to be on the safe side.
SO yeah. Nacionalista. It is still super duper hot. They said we hit 115 yesterday and man did it feel terrible. It's supppsed to be in the 120s this weekend, or so they tell us. That'll be fun. 
But yeah this place is kinda cool. I feel like my whole mission I've been in the armpit areas of the Zones that I've been in. Universidad in Ensenada, Robledo in Los Pinos Mexicali, and now Nacionalista in Mexicali Mexicali. Lots of dirt roads, cholos, and poor people. My kinda place. Lots of miracles this week. Twice we ran into members from Las Vegas here on vacation who bought us food and one of them introduced us to his Mother-in-Law who wants to get baptized. So that was nice.
But yeah life goes on. I've been trying to be super exited this week cause I feel like if I'm not busy I'm gonna get super lazy and not wanna work here. So for the first time in the mission I feel like I've been really doing excercise in the mornings. I don't know how effective it's gonna be if I keep eating 4-6 quesadillas or pizza every night but it makes me feel good so nimodo.
I'm trying to think of special stuff that happened this week and nothing is coming to my head. It was a really normal week. It was a great week in terms of numbers but there wasn't really anything super funny or spiritual or anything that happened. The only thing I can think of was one contact we did who listened and was super cool for the like 5 minutes that we talked to her, but when we asked if we could visit her she just straight up said, "No, I really would not like to listen to you guys. But nice to meet you!" I actually started to laugh. It was just so direct. And came out of left field. But whatever. And then I read a scripture in Helaman that said that Nephi baptized 8,000 Lamanites, but then in the next chapter it says that in his next "area" he was rejected to the point that he just went home. I was like "Hey that's me! Except heck no way am I coming home." 
And we went bowling today. You'll never guess who (didn't) win. That's right. I'm 99% fluent in a second language and my bowling skills are still the same. Some things just never change.
You guys take care of yourselves, drink lots of water, y se van por la sombrita, eh?
Les quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

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