Sunday, March 8, 2015

Six months down

Hey hey hey 6 months down. And it has gone by so freaking fast I don´t know if it´s the same for you guys but dang I do not feel like I have been gone for 6 months. Holy crap. 

Anyway, this week was pretty chill. The Zone Leaders decided on Tuesday in the District meeting that we were going to take every day this week to go visit areas in the zone, because they just opened two new areas and there are lots of new missionaries that just aren´t having a whole lot of success. So on Tuesday, the District Leader came to Universidad and I went to his area so that he could check on Elder Lopez to make sure I´m not teaching him wrong or anything. And so that day was pretty good. I was with the Elder from Bolivia again who is super cool. And we had a decent day. We didn´t really do anything special, but it wasn´t a bad day.

Then on Wednesday we met up in the area of some Hermanas in our District to help them look for old investigators, less actives, and mostly just contacting. So Elder Peralta and I were walking down the street in an area that we both didn´t know at all and we got kind of lost. So we stopped to ask for directions, and as we were talking to this lady, she let us come share a message with her. So we taught the first lesson, she commited herself to come to church by herself, and said she wanted to get baptized. So we took her information, and then as we left her house (or rather, her front yard cause we couldn´t go into her house), we both recognized where we were and met up with everyone. So basically we gave away a baptism. But whatever it´s all good haha.

The bad part is that as we came to meet up with Elder Lopez and Elder Huld again, they both had these huge smiles. And the first thing they said was ¨Dang man you missed out big time¨ and so I´m like what what. And they showed me pictures, there´s a guy in my ward who just opened a business he calls ¨Pizza tacos¨ which in english means he sells homemade HotPockets. But those haven´t quite gotten here to Mexico yet, so he´s killing it in a new market. But he´s been experimenting a lot with differente types of dough and other things that he can make. And he made those guys a pizza, but not just any pizza. He made a pizzota. It was huge. And they ate all of it. And then, the whole rest of the week, this pizza gained a bunch of fame, and i swear every single person in the ward asked me if I had heard what happened on Tuesday. So that was like dumpinig lemon juice in a sword wound. 

On Wednesday we had a super cool lesson with a super cool investigator that I purposely haven´t said anything about because I feel like I´m gonna jynx it. But anyway he said something that is probably going to be the theme of my life forever cause it´s so cool. And the quote goes as follows...¨Dios es más fuerte que la suerte.¨ Aw yeah.

On Thursday Elder Lopez got sick. Like he lost his voice, he couldn´t stop coughing, and his throat hurt. So we were heading back to the house a little bit early to rest, and we ran into a super chill Sister in the ward on our way home. And when she saw us and saw that he was sick, she told us to come to her house immediately so that she could help us. So she made us some tea, and it was kind of weird, but it seemed to help Elder Lopez so whatever. And then she gave us some flowers from her orange tree and told us to use them to make more tea before we went to bed to help us sleep. So we were like ok thats cool cause, to tell the truth, Elder Lopez snores. And its not like little snores, it´s like I have a fear that a racoon and turtle and squirrel are going to sneak into our house and steal our food because they think there is a hybernating bear sleeping there type of snore. So suffice it to say that I have not slept super great this tranfer. So I was all over going to sleep well. So I made a bunch of this tea, and drank it, and I felt pretty solidly relaxed. But then I went to sleep and I had the weirdest dreams of my life. So yeah not gonna do that again. I´m pretty sure we broke the Word of Wisdom. But whatever.

And then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and today it has rained and rained and rained and rained. On Sunday we were getting ready to leave and it was pouring. And we had to go to the bus stop, wait for a bus, go to Sauzal, bring an investigator back to the church. And Elder Lopez doesn´t have a rain jacket. So guess who was a good companion and lent him his. I just prayed really hard that it would stop raining. So yeah we left the house and we were getting soaked. And we were walking down the street and a car passed us, and I thought to myself (I think a lot in Spanish now) ¨Ah, que sean condenados¨ haha but as soon as I had the thought, they put the car in reverse and offered us a ride. Turns out they were going exactly where we were going. So we got a ride right to the front door of this investigator´s house. Moral of the story, the Lord answers prayers, sometimes its just in a way that we don´t expect. 

Hope you guys are all well, Shoutout to BYU for pulling off what I heard was a pretty big upset, and shoutout to all my homies headed to BYU this summer slash fall.
Les quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings
Looks like Jenson has grown "a foot or two" :)

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  1. Dios es más fuerte que la suerte = God is stronger than luck