Sunday, March 29, 2015

Working hard and finding new ways to share the Gospel

Plan of Salvation canvas...little hard to spot Jenson, he blends right ;) 

Dear All, 
Fun week. Lots of unusual (I have no idea if that´s how you spell unusual and the spell check is in Spanish) stuff. 

Two weeks ago in district meeting, we decided to come up with new ideas to find lots and lots of new people. Not just contacting in the street or knocking doors. So last week we did Operation TJ  (Testigo de Jehová) and set up little stands on street corners with deep questions and contacted people as they passed by. It was pretty fun. And we got a few references.

And then this week, we got together and bought a 5m x 2m canvas, chalk, and spray paint, and made a huge Plan of Salvation. And then on Saturday we took it to a park and did the same thing, hung it up on a pavilion and contacted the heck out of that place. It was way fun. I also found out from some guy there that the devil was born in the year 200 AD. Just in case you were wondering.

On Tuesday I officially became a teacher. I taught an English class to some members of the ward. Holy heck. That was way fun. We started out with the alphabet, which was hilarious. I would have never guessed it, but the letter v is the hardest for a spanish speaker to pronounce. We spent like 5 minutes on it. And then of course we had to sing the song a few times. And it went pretty well, but when we would get to the part where it goes LMNOP really fast it sounded like gibberish and I would start laughing and have to start over. I´m a really compassionate teacher. And then we learned how to pray in English. Which was actually really cool. Cause then Hno. Adán (the guy in the picture where I have the cowboy hat) said the closing prayer in English. It was actually pretty good. So yeah this ward is gonna be bilingual in about a week.

After that I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. And in a lesson we got a call from some missionaries who are in San Qunitin, which is another city a couple hours south of Ensenada. They told us that they had just gotten to Ensenada and were gonna stay the night with us. So that was kind of weird to me. But then when we started talking with them that night they told us what had been happening. I don´t know if it made the news over there in the states but the farmers there in San Quintin basically revolted, to the point where they started taking up arms. The missionaries said that they had been trying to leave for a day and a half but the freeway was blocked and these guys were stopping buses and robbing them. They said finally the Branch President down there loaded them into his car and took the long way out of the city and dropped them off in Ensenada on his way to Tijuana to meet with the Mission President and Area Authorities. But yeah its pretty rough down there.

Then I went on exchanges again with the District Leader on Friday, but this time he came to Universidad. That is always fun cause he speaks English. So yeah. I practiced being an American for part of the day.

So yeah. That was the week. Not great, not bad, but fun. Thanks for the prayers and you´ll get em in two years BYU.

Les quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

Elder Lopez took this pic of Jenson after a bug flew in his ear

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