Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Conozca los Mormones".

Dear All,
This week was pretty good. Only a couple big things happened, the first is that I had seviche twice this week, so that was just ok. But I figured out the trick: I cover the stuff in ketchup and hotsauce, and then I cover whatever I'm eating it with, either a saltine or a tostada, with mayo. That way all I taste is spicy fry sauce. And it actually is starting to grow on me. I think the first time was an abnormality. 
The other super cool thing is "Conozca los Mormones". Yes, Meet the Mormons is coming to TJ. And guess who already got to see it. And it is so good. And then the first dude is from Atlanta so I was like freaking out, like "Holy crap I recognize all of those places" it was kind of weird. And I had some super weird dreams about being home that night. So yeah. But it's only gonna be in Tijuana and Mexicali, not Ensenada. We got to see it cause President Garcia had a special copy and showed it to us. But it is super good and if you haven't seen it yet, go and see it. It is super cool.
Then we had surprise exchanges on Friday, as in the Zone Leaders called us at 11 and said "Hey we are gonna do exchanges today, meet us at Burger King at 12 and Elder Rawlings, you're coming here and you're gonna be with Elder Ivins today" So that was fun. It's way cool to be with an American cause we walk down the street speaking English but then we see someone to talk to and at the same time, mid conversation, we switch into Spanish to talk to people. But he's a super cool guy. And we had some way cool experiences.
Like mid-afternoon-ish, we were walking down the street, and we saw this guy sitting outside his house. We passed by, waved, and kept walking, but about three steps later we were like "what are we doing let's go talk to him" so we went back and started talking. He said he had like 15 minutes before he had to go to work, but we could share a message with him in those 15 minutes. So in order to get into his yard to share a message, we had to jump his fence. Then we sat on buckets, and started talking. As missionaries always do, we asked to start with a prayer, and Elder Ivins asked if there was anything special that he wanted him to ask in the prayer. This guy, probably about 20 or so, looked us in the eyes and said "I need help getting off drugs". So we prayed for that. And then we took turns bearing testimony of the atonement, and at the end we invited him to be baptized, and he said yes.
These are the people we are looking for. These are the lost sheep that we have been called to find. I was thinking about that alot, like how easy would it have been to keep walking, to hurry along to the next appointment, to check out the new mustang that had just passed us, but because we listened to the spirit, a chosen son of God started his journey back home.
So yeah. That was a pretty decent week I guess haha. As I started I was about to say that nothing really happened and just leave it at that. It just goes to show how super cool the mission really is.
Also, some shoutouts. Shoutout to the missionaries in my ward who sound like they're absolutely tearing it up. And shoutout to Josh Anderson cause if I remember right he's gonna enter the MTC this week. Good luck man!
Les quiero mucho.
Elder Rawlings

PS Ok well add to the shoutouts a shoutout to Caleb going to a country where they almost speak the best second language but not quite. Haha just kidding go kill it man, and then we can teach each other when you get back.

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