Sunday, November 9, 2014

Visit to TJ

View of the Mexico Tijuana Temple at night.  Nearly completed
Dear All,
So this week has been pretty fun. Monday I had to go to Tijuana to
finalize my visa stuff, so we woke up at 5, took the 7:00 bus to TJ,
finished at the consulate at 10, and then had the rest of the day
free. It was super cool. We walked around the city, found the Mexican
equvalent of Cici's, and then went to the temple.
Lemme just talk about it for a sec. It is straight up breathtaking.
Like dang. The outside is pretty much done, and the grounds behind the
temple are done too, so right now you can get a pretty good picture of
what its gonna look like and dang. Dang dang dang. This city is gonna
be so blessed.

Then we spent the night with the assistants and like 20 other
missionaries who had come in for a District Leader Training, and Elder
Vega is our District Leader. That was wild. And the funny thing was of
the twenty, like 17 were Americans, so it was the first time I've been
able to speak English freely in like 2 weeks. It was weird cause it
like took a minute to switch modes from Spanish to English and even
then it was like Spanlish. It's already happening haha.

The rest of the week was alright, we did lots of good work, but didn't
really get anywhere. We had to drop J, as well as A and
T, from our list of investiagators with baptismal dates, cause
they missed church two weeks in a row now. Also, we've been hearing
rumors that Jose isn't exactly the most honest dude in the whole
world. We went over and taught him the 10 commandments and had him
read the "Thou shall not rob" and it was super funny.

ALSO I MET MY FIRST JESUS. We left the apartment and elder Vega was
like "hey did you bring any money? cause lets just take the bus, I
dont feel like walking" but for some reason I had this super strong
feeling like nope we are gonna walk and so we did. We got about 1/4 of
the way there when this van pulled up next to us and this dude said
"hey elders, hop in" I didn't know him and the look on Elder Vega's
face told me he didnt either but we got in this dudes van (which btw
didnt have door handles, just ropes tied to the edges of the doors
lol) and went off. Thats when I found out that his name was Jesus. He
was taking the discussions from the Missionaries in Tijuana, but then
he moved to Ensenada and hasn't seen missionaries since. We told him
where the chapel was and who the missionaries in his area were, and
then he dropped us off and we havent seen him since but still. Super

More fun things. They've started this game in our neighborhood called
"lets wait until the elders are in the shower or about to wash dishes
and then turn off the water" and also "lets wait until the washer is
halfway done and then lets kill the power." So yeah that's annoying.

Speaking of water, there is no such thing as "juice" here. Everything
is "auga de..." and then a fruit or a country that is somehow
represented by grape juice. It makes me laugh every time.

Speaking of fruit I ate one of the world's largest bananas on
Saturday. Actually that's another funny story. So we were walking home
and we saw a lady at the bus stop and Elder Vega was like "hey go
contact that lady" So I did. The whole shpeal. We're missionaries
representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we
would like to pass by your house and share our message with you. The
lady looked really interested and then said "sure, how about tomorrow
when it's my turn to feed you two." I turned around and Elder Vega was
dying. She was a member. Sweet. But anyway she has this banana tree
and the bananas she grows are straight up huge. They're like the
length of normal banana but I couldn't fit my hand around it. It was
so dang good.

Two good things and one bad thing from this weekend. Good thing:
because of Halloween, evey time we go to a house the parents make
their kids give us a piece of candy. So that's dope. Good thing:
There's no cemetery in our area, so Dia de los Muertos was basically
nothing. Bad thing: the only thing from Dia de los Muertos was that
the neighbors had a party that started at 10 with a live freaking
mariachi band. So that was nice to fall asleep too.

Scripture of the week this week: 2 Corinthians 3:17. I started reading
the BoM in Spanish and its amazing to me how many propecies about
America there are, so I looked up some others. This is one.

Also I started reading Jesus the Christ two weeks ago and I'm already
3/4 done. That book is straight spiritual dope.

De Mexico con tanto amor,
Elder Rawlings

Jenson in front Mexico Tijuana Temple, Temple soon to be completed

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  1. It is so fun to read these letters. I love that he is already forgetting English! Good sign. :)