Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another Solid Week in Ensenada

Jenson and Elder Vega

Dear All,
Another solid week here. .
First things first...The scripture of the week is Job 38:3. Super dope.

Second, last Monday after I finished writing we went to a lady whose daughter had just been baptized and she had a baptismal date but didn't go to church enough to qualify. So we went to go teach her a little bit and re invite her. Anyway turns out she had been feeling really sick and wanted a blessing. So guess who gave his first blessing in Spanish. This guy. But it was so bad haha i butchered it, used the wrong tenses, didn't know how to say any blessing type stuff, everything. It was still kind of cool and gave me something specific to work on.

Next, Jose is coming a long, kind of. We went by on Tuesday and he told us how ever since he came to church hes been getting more and more work, and he feels peaceful and happy. But ever since then we haven't seen him and he didn't go to church on Sunday, so who knows. I really hope hes doing well.
We did find another super cool family though. We went to go visit a guy who is less active, who lives legit in a shack with a wheelbarrow, two shovels, and a bed. And hes 88. And he cant hear so we just yell stuff and occasionally i speak english just to mess with him. Am i a bad missionary? But anyway he wasnt home so we kinda stood outside his shack and looked for someone to talk to. We saw a lady outside her house cooking over an open fire. We went and talked to her and her daughter and found out that over the weekend someone had stolen literally all of their wordly posessions. Their stove, their washing machine, their fridge, even the lighbulbs, fixutres, and wirings in their house. So we started talking about how this gospel blesses everyone no matter what, and they liked that. Anyway they both accepted a baptismal date, and when we went back the next day the daughter was alreay reading 1 nephi chapter 2, after already reading the intro and all the testimonies in the front. Shes super smart and as we were talking to her i had my LdM out and was making notes from stuff she had gotten from the chapter. Good stuff.
Funny thing. You know how in america there are ice cream trucks? Yeah so here there are trucks that drive around selling tortilla. No joke.

This place is so Mexican I swear.

Right now I´m in a ward, but there's only about 80 active members. The bishop is super cool, he reminds me of the chief from pochahontas.
Straight up lamanite but the dude has a testimony like none other. The ward mission leader is also super cool. Hes new, so we are helping him know what to do, but hes willing to go to the end of the earth to help us out. Awesome guy.

In terms of our area, it is straight massive. We only work in a small, small part, because it is the ward farthest north in Ensenada, and it basically goes all the way up to the next city, about an hour by car.

We work in the southern little bit because that's where all the people live. The entire north is just the occasional farm and mountains.
Pretty, but no one lives there haha

Elder Vega is from mexico, basically as far west as you can go and right on the border with Texas. Hes a super super cool guy and as I get to see it more and more as i learn to speak haha I have no idea what my address is or if we even have one. If you're looking on google maps, there's a square kind of dock thing in the ocean on the north side of the bay, and we live about half a mile inland from that, straight east basically. On the subject of where i live, turns out right down the street from us, opposite of where we work, is the rich part of town. Some of the nicest houses i have EVER seen. Like holy freaking crap. And two miles the other direction people are living with absolutely nothing. Its kinda hard to handle, but oh well.

Also there is this soda here called lift and it is the best thing ever. Its like apple fanta. holy good.

As always, hope everyone is doing well,
Con mucho amor,

Elder Rawlings

Jenson's Apartment

View of Jenson's area 

Another view of Jenson's area

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