Sunday, November 23, 2014

Missionary Wingman

Dear All,
Holy cow I´ve already been here for a month. Like dang we already find out about transfers on Saturday. Elder Vega thinks he´s gone. I certainly hope not. He´s super cool.
Anyway some cool things happened this week, but I´ll get to those later first off. First I wanna talk about the cars here. Holy nuts. I swear every single car has some form of modified exhaust, so being in the city is probably the loudest thing I´ve ever heard. Plus we have to take Micros (basically short buses) everywhere. And those things scare the heck out of me. These drivers are weaving around cars and then suddenly someone yells that they want to get off so they swerve across all traffic and mount the curb and then open the doors. Holy heck. Plus the seats aren't quite big enough for two missionaries, so I´ve gotten really good at sitting with one cheek on the seat.
Also there was this huge race here last week called the ¨Baja 1000¨ Basically it´s a 1000 mile monster truck race that begins and ends in Ensenada. It´s super cool actually and something I wanna come back to see. But the city was a straight party all week. People were going nuts for this thing. So yeah that happened.
Also we have been talking a lot in our ward about being prepared. Idk if you guys have heard of El Niño, but its this massive storm, basically a hurricane but they don't call it a hurricane, that´s supposed to happen this year. And apparently this year it´s supposed to be the worst in decades. So basically we are going to have a ton of service. Which is gonna be super dope.
I´ve spent a lot of time this week teaching Elder Vega English. Which is probably one of the funnest things that I have ever done. You should try it sometime. You´re going to realize how freaking little sense English makes. I have no idea how I learned. I have no idea how anyone learns. It´s insane. Also I have to explain things in Spanish, which has actually helped my Spanish a ton. I´m going to ask President Garcia to put me only with companions who don´t speak English so that when I get back I don´t speak it either lol. But seriously that would be so cool.
Also there´s a brother in our ward named Adán. Which is Adam in English, but here it´s Adán. Anyway he makes a living riding around on a moped selling burritos. Which is also why we visit him periodically.
Cause when he has extras, guess who gets em. Aw yeah. But anyway he sells a lot to American tourists who come in on cruises and whatnot.
But he speaks no English. Like none at all. Like maybe hello and that´s it. So we go to visit him and he was like ¨hey you speak English right?" And I said yes of course and then he asked me for his help. He told me that there was this lady who had been buying burritos from him all week who was rather pretty and who he wanted to talk to, but who only spoke English. So guess who played missionary wingman and wrote down some suave phrases for him to use. Heck yeah. I also wrote down some other stuff like how to sell a burrito in English, but mostly smooth stuff that he could use to woo this lady. So that was fun.
I had the first food I didn't like yesterday. It was a bowl of what appeared to be cat food. The Sister handed me a giant saltine to eat it with and so I dug in. It was straight nasty. I found out later it was Seveche. Which is basically cat food. But for people. And then I muscled down that bowl, and she offered seconds. So guess who had seconds of the cat food. Yeah. Ugh.
Investigator Update:
J__- haven't seen him in a while. He promised to go to church on Sunday and we even stopped by on Saturday night to remind him and he still didn't go. We have an appt with him tomorrow, but if he's not there we are going to drop him.
T__- Haven't seen her very much either. She has a real desire and I think a testimony, but her dad is a pretty hardcore user of drugs and doesn't like us very much, so he doesn't let her or her mom go to church. We even passed by one day and when we knocked we heard him yelling not to answer the door. So that's really sad.
We also found some new people. The first is named I__, and she's the daughter-in-law of a less active family. We've been trying to teach her for a while, but she's never had time or really a desire, but we set a date and when we invited her to be baptized, she told us how she had seen the temple in Tijuana and felt like that's where she needed to be. So shes pretty solid.
We also found a guy named L__ E__. He's super strange, and he knows enough English to think he's fluent. He also happens to think that since I'm white I know no Spanish. So he talks to me in English and I respond in Spanish and I hope one day he gets the hint but for now it's just funny.
Also a lady named S___. Which means relief. Like Relief Society in Spanish is Sociedad de Socorro. But anyway she is GOLDEN. She's already reading the BoM, she's doing her best to keep commitments, but SHES NOT FREAKING MARRIED. LET ME JUST SAY THAT IS BASICALLY A DAGGER TO THE HEART OF A MISSIONARY TO HEAR THAT PHRASE. She's been with her "spouse" for 15 years but "they just never got around to making it official." Holy heck. So yeah there's that.
Anyway, that's my week. I'll be on the lookout for any packages. I get em once a month when President Garcia comes. Same with letters. So I'll let you know.
Love you all and hope everything there is just dandy.
Mucho amor,
Elder Rawlings


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