Sunday, June 19, 2016

First earthquake

Dear all,
This week was a good week. We didn't get to knock down any houses, but it was still fun and full of good work. There was also an earthquake here, and I have always wanted to feel an earthquake, but guess who has two thumbs and was fast asleep at the time. This guy. It was like 3am or so and supposedly my companion woke up and felt the ground moving, but just thought, "Holy crap I am REALLY tired" and went back to sleep. In the morning he told me about it and I was like haha weirdo. But then we go outside and everyone was like "Woah hey did you guys feel the earthquake too?" and my companion was like "told you I'm not crazy".
But yeah as I think about this week, a few things come to my mind. One was going on divisions with a member of the bishopric who is kind of new here and not exactly the friendliest guy but we are working on winning him over so we went on exchanges with him, and while he and my comp were in a lesson, some guy crashed into his parked car. Actually it's not his car, its the church's cause he works for the church. And its not just any car its a 2015 Corolla with all the bells and whistles you could ever want. So that kinda ruined the lesson a little bit but apparently it's all good, he's gonna do divisions again today with us so we shall see how that goes.
We were also part of another miracle entrance into the hospital, I think I told you guys what happened the first time we went a couple months ago. But this time we went to give a blessing to some sister's investigator, cause they had sent the Elder's quorum president, the bishop, the ward mission leader, everyone, and no one had actually gone yet. So they called in the big guns (haha not really my comp and I are both really short) and told us to go. So we get there, and there is a door in front that has a security guard. We already know how to get past him, we just walk in looking like we know what we are doing and he doesn't say anything. But then there is another door like 100 feet farther down the hall. And that door is a lot smaller and there is guard covering half of it. So we try the same tactic, and boom, "where do you think you're going?" um to go give a blessing and excercise God's power here on earth why? "you need a pass" um ok the guy has it upstairs and he cant' come down cause ya know if he could he wouldn't be in the hospital "ok then call him from your phone and let me talk to him" deal. So we call and the dude doesn't answer. We call the sisters and tell them to call and he doesn't answer them either. The guard said "come back when you have a pass or a direct family member and I'll let you in" and we said ok fine.
So we walk out of the hospital, somewhat defeated, and all of the sudden a man holding a small dog approaches us. He says hi, and then he walks away. Meanwhile, I'm calling the sisters to tell them that we couldn't get in after all. Bummer. But then the guy with the dog comes back and says "Hey do you guys need to get into the hospital?" and we say yes but we don't have a pass and he says "don't worry my nephew works here and he's friends with security gimme a sec and I'll let you in." So he makes a call, passes the phone to a guard, and shazam we are in. It was way freaking cool. Turns out the dude is a recent convert from another stake, and he is just an awesome person. I could have given him a huge hug but he disappeared when we went into the hospital. The blessing we gave was super special as well, cause my comp forgot his oil and so I pulled out mine and when I looked inside it looked like it was empty but I tried getting a drop out anyway while offering a short prayer, "Padre, haz que haya aceite por favor" and boom there comes a little drop of oil. It was super special and I def cried a little.So yeah those are the highlights of the week, among others that I'll tell you about next week. The church is true and Christ lives.
Los quiero mucho
,Elder Rawlings

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