Sunday, January 17, 2016

Funny experience

Dear All,
Not a bad week. I feel like it went by really fast and so that was cool. But at the same time I don't remember a whole lot of stuff that we did.
It did rain all week, and yes we did get quite wet a few times, but hey that's just how it is. Also got a surprise birthday party in the District Meeting, so that was cool. 
Pretty funny experience, so we were eating with a sister and of course, we asked for references, and she sent us to her neighbor in front. She told us she was a viejita, and that she was always home and looking for a church. Sounds good. So we go, knock the door, and out comes this lady so old like I'm pretty sure she was baptized by Peter himself. I have no idea how she was still walking. It was kind of funny. She couldn't hear really well so we basically shouted who we were and what were doing (maybe someone else heard on the street too and secretly was interested, who knows) and she told us to come back another day, but that she wasn't really sure if she was going to be there because she likes to take walks. Ok cool.
So like two days later, we were knocking doors around there, and a we met a lady, she was nice and friendly and told us that of course we could come back and share a message with her. And then we asked her for a reference. And she tells us that we should probably go visit her mom, a little old lady who lives next to a store on the main street and we were like "Wow hey we already know your mom!" And she was all surprised like "Wait what?" and then told us that we please go visit her so that she stays in her house. Turns out her "walks" take her all over the city and she gets lost a lot and her kids have to go find her. Silly old lady. Me cayo muy bien.
Also another old lady story, we knocked a door and lady came out, easily around 90 years old, and tells us she can't open the door because her dad has the keys. I contained myself, but my companion laughed out loud. It's normal to hear that excuse from a little kid, but it was just so weird coming from an old lady. Like, I don't know if you've noticed, but you're a grandma and probably a great grandma. You should probably have your own keys by now. Haha people these days.
But yeah we also got to baptize this week, that was pretty nice. It was a looooong battle getting this lady in the water, because her husband is inactive and didn't like my companion and didn't want his wife to get baptized and lots of things. Not really, but pretty much. It was a nice service, solid talks, everything good. So yeah, that was nice.
Hope you guys also had a great week. Remember to read your scriptures and your handbooks every day. Keep it real.
Los quiero mucho, 
Elder Rawlings

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