Sunday, January 10, 2016

Celebrating 2016 in the mission field

Ward Christmas and New Year party
Dear All,
I wish I could put numbers in capitals to emphasize that it is now 2016. Holy cow does time fly by. I remember last year like it was 4 days ago. Weird.
This week was pretty cool, lots of parties, lots of teaching, funny testimonies (because this is Mexico) and yeah. Solid week.
The highlight of this week was obviously New Years. We worked like normal in the morning, and then spent the evening eating. A sister from Veracruz made us tamales South Mexico style. OH MY GOODNESS. Wow. So good. I'm gonna tell her to teach me. Cause dang. So good.
BUT WAIT. On Wednesday we had a combined Christmas/New Years party with the ward, with live music, pinatas, too much food, disorganization, everything that a Mormon church party needs. It was pretty fun, even though we can't dance or party or really do anything of the sort. It was nice to have a break from everything every once in a while.
So yeah New Years Eve was pretty fun. After eating tamales, we went to go visit another sister that invited us to eat, and when we walked in we sensed danger. Not really sensed it, but we could plainly see it. Right there, on their giant flat screen TV, was a re-run of Star Wars IV. It was so hard to not watch. Satan works hard a lot of times, and he knows right where to hit you. But yeah we left pretty fast.
Then we went and chilled with the Bishop and his family, eating tacos and doing magic tricks and telling jokes. It was pretty fun.
We get home, and like I told you last week, our neighbors are real pachangueros. About right when we got home, the music started. When I woke up (after a rough nights sleep) The music was still going. And they were quite a ways under the influence. They had the same song on repeat, and they were singing to it as loud as they could, repeating in over and over again to get it right. I even took a video because it was so obnoxious. But yeah.
On New Year's Day, the whole city literally shut down. There was nothing open, nothing to do, nothing. We ate pizza with the Bishop's family, then hung out with them pretty much all day, cause we had the whole day free. Pretty chill.
Other than that, it was a normal week. This morning I had to help the bishop translate for a sister in our ward who died's family that came to work out the funeral and don't speak any spanish. And I think I do have an accent, because they talk weird. I really hope that's not how all americans talk, but who knows.
So yeah, what a week. I started reading the Book of Mormon again; I finished it literally on New Year's Eve and started it on New Years Day so that was cool. I love listening to the talk from Elder Holland called "Safety for the Soul" and then reading the testimony of Joseph Smith and the scripture in Hebrews "Donde hay testamento, necesario es que ocurra la muerte del testador." (Translation required). What a powerful witness of the divinity of that Book. I testify of its power in our own conversion and that of others.
Hope you all have a great week, thanks for the birthday wishes, and see you guys sooner than I want ;)
Los quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings 

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