Sunday, December 27, 2015

Temple Dedication Blessings

Dear All,
This might be the shortest email so far, but here goes.

I'm good.

We are teaching a man who speaks almost no spanish. It's different, but when he gets baptized he will be my favorite convert. I'll tell you more about his story when I have more time.

This was a good week, this city is still quite sinful, and the temple and the dedication have sparked some pretty dope stories. My personal favorite so far, shared in a sacrament meeting in my stake:

A lady who lives near the temple wakes up at around 3 or 4 every morning because she has to cross the border to go to work. And she asked one of her member friends if there was some kind of devotional in the temple at that hour because she always passes by and hears a choir singing. Obviously, there is no one in the temple at that time. Holy cow.

May the force be with you all. (A young man "accidentally" put the star wars trailer on YouTube while we ate at his house. It looks pretty freaking awesome.)

Los quiero mucho!
Elder Rawlings

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