Sunday, December 13, 2015

Quick email this week

Dear All,
Another week gone. Transfers came, and we stayed the same. Found out some people I taught in Lago finally got baptized, and that Elder Priego is going to train this transfer. So that's cool.
But yeah this week was pretty normal, I set a new personal record for lessons in a week, and we had a few investigators in church on Sunday. So yeah. All in all, good week.
I don't have a whole lot of time cause the whole freaking zone got changed and people didn't find rides and stuff and so guess who has to do all that stuff, but I'll write what I can.
About and hour ago, a very gay man cut my hair. It was not my intention to have him cut my hair, but we walked into his haircutting place and he asked us which one of us was going to cut our hair. And my loving companion, I know he would give his life for me, but this is a different story, goes "He wants to go first!" and pointed at me. Yep. That was awkward, but the dude (dudet?) knows how to cut hair. I look good haha.
Other than that, nothing too great happened. President Garcia came with us to a couple lessons, and so that was dope.
But yeah. That's my week in a super small nutshell. Hope you guys are all good and enjoying the Christmas Spirit. The devotional last night was awesome; if you haven't seen it, go look it up. Good stuff. I liked that there were more speakers with less time each. Elder Bednar's talk was sick.
Los quiero mucho!

Elder Rawlings

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