Sunday, September 13, 2015

One year down

Jenson's Zone

Dear All,
This past week I passed my year mark!!! WHAAT. 
Other than that it was a pretty good week. One morning during companionship study we heard a knock at the door and when we opened it it was none other than a couple of friendly JW (Jehovah Witnesses). What a great way to start the day. Usually they don't knock our door cause they know that the "Big Scary Mormons" live there but I guess this one thought she was brave. And I was kind of in a bad mood. So nicely, I told her that would accept whatever she gave me as long as she took some of our stuff. I don't think she liked that, and so she started asking questions about our church intended to trip us up, like why we only preach for two years instead of our whole lives like them. Let's just say that the promises of the scriptures are super real "and ye shall not be confounded before men". I won. Every single time. The church is true.
Anyway that day I was already in a bad mood and that just made it worse so I took it upon myself to work harder than I ever have ever. We contacted 33 people that day. It was pretty legit and I felt pretty good after.
Another fun story: I ate some of the weirdest stuff this week. Backstory: Every time anyone sells seafood here they always have giant, whole octopi for sale. But I've never seen anyone buy one ever. And then on Tuesday guess what I ate. Octopus soup. WHAAAAAAT. The worst part was once I put a tentacle in my mouth and I kid you not the sucker stuck to my tongue. Like the physical sucker on the tentacle attatched to my tongue. That was weird. I have never experienced anything like that before. Not highly recommended.
I really don't know a whole lot more that happened this week, this area isn't that exciting besides lots of high people that talk to us in the street and lots of pregnant teenagers.
That's pretty cool that we got the ward split, like obviously it stinks that you aren't gonna see some people as much but whatever you all still live super close its not like its the end of the world. The Lord is hastening his work in the whole world. Be a part of it.
I just want you guys to know how much I love this Gospel. The changes it makes in people, starting with oneself, are amazing. The doctrine is perfect. It is full of joy and hope and love and happiness, and it's for everyone. The invitation is there, you just gotta accept it.
Los quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

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