Sunday, February 15, 2015

The week we met "Hulk"

Dear All,
This week has been like super up and down, but it was way good.
We started off on Monday like normal, we had a FHE with a family, and it was pretty good. Nothing really special though.
Tuesday was pretty cool, we had a ward service project to clean the chapel, and they had us missionaries and another brother clean the tennis court. And then all they gave us was brooms. So as we worked, other people finished their jobs and then came to help us, and eventually pretty much the entire ward was there, sweeping the tennis court, and it was super cool to see. I should have taken a picture, but I forgot my camera that day :( On Wednesday we had a meeting in Tijuana for all of the trainers and trainees. And we got chewed out super hard. They had every one write down how many contacts they had done in the past week, and the numbers were pitiful. 10, 15, 12, numbers like that. In a whole week.
Ourselves included. Then President told us that as a mission, we only baptized 8 people last week, which is lower than several US missions.
And we were previously number 4 in Mexico and top 15 in the world. So that was unacceptable. But we came home from that meeting and contacted 19 people. It was awesome. And I think I mentioned last week that we can knock doors now. So that has been super fun.
Thursday was a pretty normal day, nothing super special happened, but Friday we did exchanges. And it was Sadie and McKay´s birthday. And I think they were my good luck charm that day. As we knocked doors, looking for a less active member who we still don´t know, we started talking to this lady. And as we talked she got really interested. And then we asked if we could share a message with her. She said yes, let us in, and then called all of her kids to listen too. It was a family of 7. And now every single one of them has a baptismal date. So gracias Sadie and Mckay, por haberme dado ese regalo. It was super cool. They are super awesome.
On Saturday we had an appointment with a reference that we got from a sister in the ward. This lady has come to church for a few weeks now, but she had never let us come by to teach her. But finally she did.
And we walked into her house, and we met Hulk. Her husband is like a bodybuilder slash competitive weight lifter by hobby, and the dude is Huge. Like he would fit in well as an NFL linebacker. LIke HUGE. So we´ve been doing our excercise a little bit harder in the morning so that when he gets baptized we can do it and not make ourselves look dumb.
And then Sunday was ward conference, and it was pretty good. The Stake President came and spoke, and it was a pretty solid day. Then as we were walking around in the afternoon, trying to find new doors to knock, we saw some young men from the ward with shovels, and so we asked them what they were doing. They told us they were going to do some service so that they could save money to pay for their temple trip. So we went and helped them. And it was kind of interesting. They basically went to mow a lawn, only it was on a hill, and there wasn´t a whole lot of grass, and all they had was shovels. So basically we just dug up the grass and threw it into some of the holes in the road to smooth it out a little bit. But it was pretty fun haha.
Anyway that´s my week. Happy Birthday Sadie and McKay again, and congrats on the Presthood bro.
Les quiero mucho,

Elder Rawlings

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