Sunday, January 18, 2015

Birthday and new companion

Birthday Celebration

Dear All,

First off, I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT WRITING BUT FEAR NOT I AM ALIVE. I was stuck in Tijuana all day to collect my new companion. And when I say collect, I mean collect, cause he had just gotten off the plane.

Yeah, I'm training. So that's cool. Its like hey you look like you might know a little bit about what you're doing, here's a new missionary, oh and by the way his whole mission depends on these 3 months so please don't screw it up thanks! But yeah its been good.  It's been hard, but good. And funny too, our first lesson with a real investigator he taught that the Pope is a prophet like President Monson. Haha.

But yeah let's start at the beginning. New Year's is indeed crazy here, it's basically a competetion to see who can get the drunkest and not die. And then blow stuff up. So yeah that was fun. It sounded like a gunfight all night. And then on New Years Day we went to Tijuana cause we had a training check on Friday morning and we had the whole day on Thursday free. So we went up there about 2 in the afternoon, got there around 4, and then another Elder we were with sent a text to a family he had known in his old area, and they came and picked us up and took us around Tijuana. And it was SO COLD and we didnt have anything besides sweaters so they bought us scarves and gloves. So that was way cool. And then we were gonna go to this restaurant called Pampas, which is a brasilian steakhouse, and we were gonna eat until we puked, but it was closed. So we went to this place called Sirloin, which is basically Golden Corral. And it was awesome. I ate so much I was so happy.
The next day was the training check and they basically just wanted to make sure that our trainers weren't teaching us how to disobey or anything, and then at one point President Garcia was like "well really you should be ready to train the day after your training, right Elder Rawlings?" And i was like Oh cool yeah guess what I'm gonna be doing.

And then on Saturday they called us and told us that Elder Vega was gonna leave to be a Zone Leader and I was gonna stay and train a new Mexican.

Sunday was my birthday and it was pretty cool. On sunday everybody wished me happy birthday, and I felt pretty cool, and then we went to the food. The family who we were eating with normally honestly doesn't cook that great or give very much food, but this time was different.
She pulled out her best stuff and it was way good. And then we were talking to the dad, and all of a  sudden he bursts into song. I turn around and the rest of the family is standing behind me with a cake.  So that was super cool.

The rest of the day was spent saying goodbye to converts and members that were close to Elder Vega, and it was cool to see how much the Ward really does care about the missionaries.

Then on Monday we said goodbye, he got on the bus for San Louis Rio Colorado and I headed to Tijuana. There I met Elder Lopez, my new companion. And he's a chill guy. He's 23, and he spent his high school playing football (not soccer, football football) and then worked driving taxis and restoring cars to get ready for the mish. He's got a lot to learn but he's getting there. And it's funny cause he's this short stubby little dude and I've gotten into the habit of walking really fast, and it makes me laugh every 10 paces or so he starts jogging, huffing and puffing to catch up to me.

So this week has been spent meeting all the members, showing him where all the less active members live, and walking way more than necessary so that he gets to know the area. So I'm exhausted. But excited. These next three months are gonna be super chill.

Sorry again for not writing, but it sounds like you guys had a pretty sweet New Years as well. Also thanks for all the Birthday wishes, you guys are the best.
Les quiero much,

Elder Rawlings
Bus selfie with new companion Elder Lopez

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