Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 2 in the MTC

MTC Week 2

Hola todos!!

Ok  so last week I felt like I was sending a bunch of little fragmented emails, so I'm gonna try and get everything into one this week to make it more efficient. Hope this works haha

First things first. Idk who the heck did the study that says that 8 hours of sleep is enough cause for real its not I'm so tired all the time. Which I'm kinda used to but still.

Another good thing. I've learned the Spanish equivalent to "fetch" so guess what word I say all the time now ;) I've also learned, garbage, straight garbage, total garbage, and seriously garbage. All useful. I also accidentally swore in class the other day, I was trying to conjugate a verb and practice saying it out loud and I did it wrong and the one Hermana in my district who is basically fluent looked at me like I killed the prophet. Whoops lol

We got a new teacher this week, and he is seriously the man, like if I could grow up to be him that would be the dream. The first day, he pulled us out one by one and interviewed us, and he talked to me a lot about charity and prayer. Direct quote from that meeting, "If we aren't praying for other people, why the hell are we praying at all?" That was on Thursday, so I've been thinking about it a lot this week. And then last night, Elder Richard G. Scott came to give a devotional, and he talked about prayer. It was so amazing, The one thing he said that made me think a lot is how all of us, even him, are so insignificant compared to God, but he has still given us the power to speak directly to him, and has provided a way to give us specific answers. So then we went to the temple this morning, and let me just say that sitting in the celestial room surrounded by other elders, all with their heads bowed, pleading with our Father in Heaven for whatever they needed, is one of the single most incredible spirits that I have ever felt. Nothing compares.

Also, on Sunday, Elder Sanchez and I got home from church and went over to our "classroom" to get ready for district meeting, and when we got there, Brother Wolfert was waiting for us. He interviewed each of us and then we all waited for the Hermanas to get back from Relief Society. But they were taking way longer than usual, so after a while he invited Elder Sanchez and I into our investigator room to teach him the first discussion. The only problem is that he doesn't speak Spanish, so we had to do it in English. Somehow that was way harder. I kept having to translate what I wanted to say from Spanish back into English. And then we got to the first vision and out of habit, I said the first couple of lines in Spanish before my companion stopped me haha. He did say that the spirit was very strong when we taught, that we taught with strong unity, and that if he were the mission president in the missions where we are serving, he would be so happy to have Elders as prepared as we are. So that's a good thing.

Another cool thing: right now it looks like there will be an MTC choir for at least one session of General Conference, which means that I have a decent chance of going, especially if it's preisthood session because then they can basically take every single elder with them. So that's exciting.

All in all, the MTC is just great, just great. 

Love you all, hope you're doing just fabulous.

Elder Rawlings

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